No more recliner. Nov 18, 2016 Week 3 Day 18

A very good friend of mine came over today and we went Christmas shopping and to lunch.  I had such a great time, but did it wear me out.  I never realized how much energy a body uses to heal itself.  After 5 hours I was wiped out.  It was fun but exhausting.  I know I will sleep very well tonight.

My daughter and grandson arrive tomorrow from Florida and I am so excited to see them.  It will be hard to not pick him up, since he is almost 40 lbs.  Hopefully he will not be too disappointed.  He is only 2 but very aware for his age.

Well off to rest.  I am going to sleep in my own bed tonight.  Saying goodbye to the recliner.  Hopefully it works.

Today’s pictures are of my new sleeping arrangements.  




Nov 18 1.JPG
Funny arrangement of pillows and cushions
Nov 18 2.JPG
Such a fake sleeping poise

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