July 25, 2017. 2nd Stage Surgery

I have concentrated so much on wound recovery I have not talked about the rest of the surgery.  I do not know why someone would have lipo done.  The recovery hurts so bad.  It hurts to remove the compression garment, and to even touch the skin.  You have to rub it daily with lotion to help with swelling and to disperse the remaining fat into he tunnels that had fat removed.

I know that it is part of the whole surgery but I did not have much pain with the actual DIEP Flap part.  The pain is better now.  At least I do not cry when I have to rub it.  Sounds funny coming from me since I have such a high pain tolerance.

I am please with the results and I am sure in a couple of months when all of the swelling is gone it will look even better.

No pictures for today.  Not much difference in the wounds today.

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