Oct. 21, 2016

Today I had my pre op admissions testing and filled out all of the paperwork.  I think this is the last step I have to do before surgery.  They gave me my special soap to use the night before and the morning of surgery.  It is getting here soon.

I did a lot of cooking today also.  I have been freezing meals for my husband and I since it will be easier for him to prepare lunches and dinners for 2 weeks.  He has been my rock through all of this and I do not think I could have made this decision without him.

Oct. 15, 2016 Getting ready for Surgery

Like I said before I have read so much on the internet and have tried to use the information I found in preparation for my surgery.  Several suggestions that seemed helpful were to turn the pockets of pants and robes to the outside to hold the drains.  Let me say something first.  I am not a paid person to say anything about the products that I am going to try and use.  The items that I am going to use have come from the stories that other people have told and from my own observations.

I found some shirts at Walmart that have an elastic neckline which I can step into and pull up without using much muscle at all.  I bought a larger size to help with the fit.  Since I am actually older the style does not look too bad on me.  I also found some scrubs with an elastic back and a drawstring on the front.  They will roll down easily to be under my healing scar and are loose fitting.  Since it will be getting colder soon I will need warmer clothes (pants), instead of shorts.

As for the drains I purchased some pouches that stick onto fabric so I put them on the inside front of the shirts to hold 4 drains.  Hopefully I will not have 4 or even none (big dream of mine).  I have a picture of the shirts and the drain pouches (Pink Pockets) with the shirt inside out to show the placement.


After surgery I will post how well these items did.

I shopped for the stool softeners, Tylenol, and even bought prunes.  The thought of constipation is awful.  Hopefully I can keep it away or at least have it not be too bad.   Small travel case is packed and ready.

Oct. 15, 2016 Credits to other sites

I need to give a shout out to another site that has been wonderful in my research for this surgery.  It is an older blog but she really tells it like it is and I am modeling this blog after her openness to share her journey so others can see what it is like.  So a great thanks to “shutupaboutit.wordpress.com

Oct. 5, 2016 Pre surgery visit

Met with Dr Nabil Habash and everything is a go.  I have good perforators so that should be good.  He said my skin is very thin, due to my age so the possibility of having to use a larger flap than I would like to have is a strong possibility.   I was hoping for a small areola size flap but what ever works is fine with me.  I really feel that it will go good.  I usually heal pretty well.  I have to do what he says about the recovery.  I could really mess things up if I try to do too much too soon.   I think that is going to be the hardest thing for me.  I am not good at letting others take care of me and also not being able to do anything.  I need this surgery to turn out good so I will obey all of the rules.

I came with a long list of questions I had been keeping on my phone.  As I thought of something I put it in notes.  He answered them and did not seem to mind if they were kind of silly.  He made me feel completely at ease with my decision and I am  ready to do this surgery.

Sept. 9, 2016

I told my sister, that did not have cancer, about my decision and it went real well.   I then told my other Sister  about my DIEP Flap decision.  She is the one who had cancer.  I do not know why I was so scared to tell her, but she was wonderful.  Hopefully my surgery turns out really well.  I did not want anyone trying to talk me out of the surgery but my worries were for nothing.  They were both wonderful about my decision.

Sept 8, 2016

My recovery from the Laparoscopic surgery was not as easy as I thought it would be. I guess age has something to do with it.  It did make me realize that I have to take the DIEP Flap surgery recovery slowly and do as I am told to do.  Sitting still and not being very active is hard for me.  I promised my GYN, Dr. Chantel Spurdon that I would do as I am suppose to do.  It is nice to have people who know me and care enough to make sure that I follow all of the rules for this surgery.


August 26, 2016

I had my ovaries removed yesterday. Just a day surgery but had a hard time with nausea.  They were careful to make their cuts where it would not affect the DIEP flap surgery.   At least I can let them know how I reacted to the Anesthesia so maybe in Oct it will not be so bad.  They had me smell peppermint to help with the nausea and it seemed to work.